How the freewheelin’ Bob Hillman remained under the radar this long is a head scratcher. This Suzanne Vega contemporary is a great American songwriter, and his new Peter Case-produced album, Lost Soul, hopefully will build that title ironic as it gets well-deserved love from critics and the masses. The following video, “Big Sur, ” is the project’s first emphasis way and merely a taste of the 12 moods and stances spread across Hillman’s latest.

[ youtube https :// watch? v =P 7dfhCmp4os& w= 100& h= 500]

3/ 25 2pm The Java House Iowa City, IA Java Blend on IPR

3/ 25 9pm Streetcar 209 Des Moines, IA w/ Jason Walsmith

3/ 26 8p m Cafe Paradiso Fairfield, IA w/ Jason Walsmith

4/ 14 9pm Trip Santa Monica, CA w/ full band

4/ 29 8: 30 pm Postcrypt New York, NY w/ Tim Robinson

4/ 30 8p m Club Passim Cambridge, MA w/ Dan Bern

5/ 1 7pm Iron Horse Northampton, MA w/ Dan Bern

5/ 2 8p m Rockwood 3 New York, NY w/ full band

5/ 20 8: 30 pm Amnesia San Francisco, CA w/ full band

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