8 Beauty Hacks That’ll Let You Make The Snooze Button

Every morning during the workweek, I face a giant conundrum: Do I make the snooze button and sacrifice my appearance, or do I bite the bullet and get up so I can be sure I look my best?

I am not ashamed to admit that the snooze button wins the majorityof the time. Not that I ever go to work looking like a hobo, its only that Ill sacrifice blow drying my hair and putting on mascara any day if it means extra sleep.

I just love sleeping.( I cannot stress this enough .) Im a night person, so I would much instead stay up past midnight than get out of bed before 7 am. It always has been that way, and I daresay it always will. The snooze button is too tempting for me NOT to reach. Its just right there, taunting and tantalizing me with the promise of at the least 10 more minutes of wondroussleep.

But as luck would have it, the world is not so cruel as to makeme choose between being rested and seeming my best.

Enter beauty hacks. Glorious, magicalbeauty hacks.

Through just a few simple tricks, we all can get our sleep and complete a comprehensive beauty routine. Here are eight beauty hacks thatll let you reached the snooze button in the morning.

1. Shower and style your hair at night.

The longest part of your morning routine is definitely the showering component. No doubt. And it isnt precisely socially acceptable to NOT shower, so you have to find a way to induce the shower experience work for you.

With that in intellect, start showering at night. Youll still have the energy from yourday, but as an added bonus, utilizing soap and shampoo with a lavender scent can relax you and get you ready for a good nights sleep. And, of course, if you do this, youve easily bought yourself that 10 minutes the snooze button is more than happy to accommodate.

After you shower, style your hair to further cutthe amount of time you devote to your morning routine.

2. Beach waves are probably your best bet.

If you try to straighten your hair before going to bed, youll only end up with dents in the back of your skull not the most flattering of hairstyles.But with beach waves, thats a part of the look! Plus, everyone knows that beach wavesare sexy and sophisticated and can easily hold out while you sleep.

For any stray hairs that dont fall into formation while “youre sleeping”, a quick touch-up with the curling iron the next morning will send you on your style in no time.

3. Use dry shampoo the next morning to freshen your hair for the day.

Man, is there any invention more crucial to female style than dry shampoo? Its a godsend.

In case youre worried about your hair starting to look oily during the day with your newfound habit of night showers, a morning spritz of Batiste dry shampoo is all you need to allay those concerns. And don’t forget to bringing a travel-sized bottle to work so you can touch upthose beach waves during the day, too.

4. Wear an overnight mask to shortenyour skincare routine.

After you rain, push back your just-styled hair with a stretchy headband and apply an overnight face mask. Just remember that notall face masks werecreated equal, so identifyyour scalp type oily, dry, combination and choice accordingly.

When you wake up the next morning, your skin will be moisturized and “re ready for” makeup application after a quick scrub.

5. Smudge your eyeshadow instead of using an eyeliner pencil.

Painstakingly applying eyeliner( regardless of whether it’s liquid or pencil) takes far too much coordination first thing in the morning. Besides, how many times have we screwed up our lines, only to need to start our routine all over again?

Its exhausting.

Instead of wasting your time, havethe eyeshadow youre already applying do double-duty. Just take the darkest color in your palette and smudge it into the crease of your eyelid towardthe outside corner of your eye. This will contour your eye the same route that liner does, but instead of a messy touch-up process, you can use a tissue to correct the lines and smudge the shadow into all the right places.

6. Use eyelash extensions so you dont have to wear mascara.

The whole point of mascara is to construct your lashes appear long, thick and luscious. But applying mascara is pardon my French merely a pain in the ass.

Spare yourself the headache andhave a developed professionalapply aset of eyelash extensions for you at a salon. Youll only need to touch them up every 3 to four weeks, and evena half-set will leave your lashes so full that you’ll be able tosay buh-bye to mascara.

7. Apply BB cream so you dont have to use concealer AND foundation.

BB Creams( short for beauty balm) arean absolute GIFT for any woman whos looking to shortens her beauty regimen. Theyre basically the ultimate all-in-one skin product. They hydrate, protect your scalp from the sunlight AND act as a concealer and foundation. Simply find the right tint and apply with your fingers.

Pro-tip: Dont buy into the sponge/ brush mode of putting on BBcream.( You’llend up wasting a good section of the product when it soaks into your applicator .)

8. Buy yourself a combination cheek and lip tint.

As you can see, the key to a better morning liesin buying products with multiple utilizes. The samegoes for a product that can colouring both your cheeks( for a blush consequence) and your lips( as a stain ).

With the time youre saving with these beauty hacks, you can hitthe snooze button and even have time to eat breakfast.

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