7 proven ways to keep off holiday pounds

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Cookies, cocktails, and multicourse dinners stimulate the holidays feel like one long eating spree. This year, merely recollect these seven guidelines and youll come out the other side slim and energizedwith no food FOMO.

Your holiday food plan

When this season makes, youre eager to click open e-vites. Sip cocktails. Cook yourself into a sugar coma. But once the fun fades-out? Youre craving cookie-free cabinets and elasto-waist pants. The holidays feel like a drawn-out special occasion, when really theyre single days, and so much of the excitement involves food , notes Lisa Shaub, a Weight Watchers personal coach. Then you say, Ill get back on my -Agame on Monday. Then its next week. Then its Ill be better in January. But starting the new year in desperate diet mode is no fun. Instead, have a food master plan and learn to reach the reset button faster so you can enjoy more and regret less.

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Make a treats short list

If you cant imagine not savouring your aunts pecan pieand the buttery mashed potatoes recipe you reserve for the big family feastand the chocolates you love that your kids sneak into your stocking, choose up-front to have them all. Its helpful to make a specific list of your top three cherished must-eats even before the holidays are in full swing, says Jonathan Ross, a fitness professional and spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise. This way you already have some boundaries in intellect, and its much less likely to turn into a food free-for-all. It also helps you be more well informed when youre eating out of tradition instead of actual pleasure, adds Shaub. I hear clients say, I only ensure gingerbread homes once a year. I have to eat it, she says. But when you get selective and pick favourites, you sometimes have that realization of Jeez, do I even like gingerbread?

Give yourself an( early) fitness present

The holiday season may be full of temptations, but its also full of bargains and specials, says Tanya Zuckerbrot, RD, founder of the F-Factor Diet: If theres a little something youve had your eye on that you think will help you be healthier , now is the time to buy it and put it to use. The novelty of it will motivate you to use it and help you stay focused when inevitable temptations originate. Go aheadtreat yourself to those wireless earbuds or that personal-training session.

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Pregame with a filling snack

Cocktail-party bound? Get dolled up, then spoil your appetite. “Showing up ravenous can lead you to make impulse decisions when you go to fill your plate, ” says Zuckerbrot. Within an hour before heading out the door, munch on at the least 5 grams each of fiber and protein, which will help curb your thirst; it will also slacken your bodys absorption of sugar, adds Zuckerbrot. Some of her snack go-tos: turkey slices on a few high-fiber crackers, an apple with string cheese, or a protein bar.

Do a party lap first thing

Yes, you can still get your hands on all your fave party foods, but be strategic about it. Survey the whole roomthe people, the food spread, the barbefore touching anything, suggests Shaub. “Get a lay of the land, say hellos, take a plate, ” she says. “Make note of the foods that look interesting to you, take just a little bit of each and run sit with a friend to enjoy them.”

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Keep your hands occupied

Get camera happy, or offer to grab liquor refills for your guests. It sounds so simple, but this will prevent you from having thumbs free for grazing, explains Michelle Routhenstein, RD, owner of the nutrition practice Solely Nourished. Also, strategize your selection of handbag. “Carry a clutch under one arm and a seltzer in the other hand, ” says Zuckerbrot. “No hands free for another plate of pigs in a blanket.” Keep your mouth busy, too: Stash Listerine strips in your clutch and pop one right when you are eat. The mintiness savor yucky when paired with something sweet, says Zuckerbrot, and helps cancel out that dessert craving.

Dont wait around for January 1

Now is the ideal time to dive into a “new year, new you” health plan, says Brian Wansink, PhD, director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab and writer of Slim by Design. In a new analyse, Wansink and researchers measured the weight patterns of people in different countries to see how their weights fluctuated around their respective holiday seasons. For Americans, weight tends to rise 10 days before a holiday and peak during the two days afterand potentially takes more than five months to shed. “Instead of a New Years resolution, make it right now, ” says Wansink. “Its a lot easier to avoid the weight now than try to lose it after you gain.”

Remember what really matters

Take time out to appreciate the holiday activities that dont involve food, like catching up with a girlfriend by her gorgeous fireplace, or listening to your kids giggle at Elf for the 57 th time. Changing your thought pattern helps put food in its place, points out Shaub. “I love cheese. Its my favorite, ” she acknowledges. “And I used to go to parties and is just like, I hope theres a cheese tray there! I cant wait to hang out with Mr. Brie, instead of reasoning, I hope my friends are there. She indicates we all learn from her mistake: “Pause and collect your thoughts: Who do I get to hang out with tonight? Who do I get to spend time with? Its so much better.”

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