6 Style Canceling My Gym Membership Helped Me Lose More Weight Faster

I spent the last eight years strapped to the gym.

Obsessed with pursuit of that summertime six-pack, I bobbed up and down on the elliptical like there was no tomorrow.

I guessed the only way to work off the third slice of avocado toast was to pound the treadmill for an hour and lift weights.

I never got results , no matter how many times I switched up my routine or weight-loss guides.

Then, I changed my entire game plan.

These are the six ways swapping the gym for the outdoors helped me lose weight 😛 TAGEND

1. With the savings on gym membership, I bought better equipment.

I had the cheapest gym membership my club offered, but over the course of 12 months, it was still adding up to a couple hundred bucks.

Every month, it was pretty much a selection between new shoes and my student loan pay, so guess which one I picked?

When I quit the gym, I enjoyed some extra savings right away.

I got myself new training shoes and immediately started performing better.

I jumped higher and ran faster because my ankles didnt hurt anymore. I even had some change left over to invest in good energy bars to snack on while hiking in the mountains.

2. Exercise didnt feel like a chore, so I did it more often

If you wake up at 7 am to hit the gym before your desk chore, you know what true pain is.

Instead of being inside a sweaty room with 30 other people, I laced up my shoes every morning and went to the nearby hiking trail instead.

Walking uphill burns major calories and tones your entire leg, and walking downhill is pure bliss.

I also didnt “re going to have to” force myself to exert anymore. It happened spontaneously.

I lost about a pound a week by simply going to the park and jumping rope after work. I carry my rope everywhere with me during the week and whip it out when Ive got a few minutes to spare.

This is an incredible way to tone your whole body, and its ultra convenient.

3. Istopped overeating.

Though this is a more psychological reason, when I exclusively exercisedat the gym, I was overeating because I supposed just showing up and working out mean I required the extra calories.

I plateaued big time and find no change, and I simply ate more.

I felt miserable.

For me, though, hiking or running outside doesnt feel like a workout. I feel like Im taking care of my body and looking at scenic views or observing people going about their business.

So, the end outcome is that after exercising outside, you dont feel like youve been training.

It merely feels like another part of your routine, and so you dont overeat under the logic that youre running it all off anyway.

4. I started doing more full-body workouts.

If you work out outside, you can make any place your gym.

I experimented with new workouts and started doing yoga at the beach and at the park.

Yoga is a vital exercising for our bodies because it teaches us to accept them simply the style they are.

Every weight-loss process requires us to do it with love , not dislike, and being kind to your body is a major weight-loss key.

5. I got a work-out buddy.

I always asked friends in the past to come to the gym with me, but no one wanted.

Why? Well, the gym doesnt sound like much fun.

Its fairly boring in comparison to an invite to hike up the mountain and take some shoots for the Gram.

I got not one, but two friends to come exert out with me every Saturday. Plus, I got some great Insta stories.

6. I stopped comparing myself to others.

The gym is full of all kinds ofpeople. You have the sexy trainers with sculpted limbs, insanely toned 20 -somethings and huge dudes with six-packs.

I felt bad about not being slim and toned enough in compared to everybody else. Then, I realise it wasnt my fault; it was the gym environment.

At the gym, we silently compete with one another. We all check each other out, but outside, we dont do that.

The battles of running out in the rainfall or HIIT on the sandy beach unite us, and we feel like a squad instead.

You not only lose weight, but you get a sense of community, too.

Needless to say, Im never going back to the gym.

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