6 Things Your BF Does That Seem ‘Crazy,’ But Mean He’s In Love With You

Back in 2014, one of my favorite musicians of all time, TI, was involved in a heavily publicized brawl with the UNDEFEATED, undisputed middleweight boxing champion of the world, Floyd Mayweather.

The multi-platinum selling rapper didnt hesitate to physically accost the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world in the name of love.

The rappers beef with Floyd was over Floyds alleged dealings with TIs wife, Tiny Harris. The rapper didnt approve of the boxers friendship with his wife.

So, after TI asked Floyd to kindly refrain from contacting his wife, the champ kept on. TI took matters into his own hands literally. This resultedin an all-out brawl at a Las Vegas diner.


TIs track record shows he was never really one to back down from a fight with anybody.

But most people thought TI had crossed over to the realm of outright craziness when he approached the world champion fighter in Las Vegas without thinking twice.

But I dont think TI was crazy at all. In fact, I find TIs actions to be quite in the realm of a normal man in love.

I am by no means here to condone violence. But I would say if your man isnt willing to fight a world champion boxer for you, get a new man.

OK, it doesnt have to be that extreme but love isnt a rational state all the time. Its usually the women who tend to get a bad rap for being irrational, but men arent immune to acting out either.

Love will do that to anybody. Hopefully, however, there are mechanisms like ego, pride and maturity in place to keep us from going to extremes.

Here are six everyday things your man does when hes in love that might make you think hes crazy:

1. He likes you better without makeup.

Let me just get this one out of the way.

I cant believe I actually even have to say this, but Ive heard women swear their men just want them NOT to wear makeup so other men wont find them attractive.

Contrarily, however, some (maybe even most) of us are attracted to women in their simplest, most natural state. You know, that whole natural beauty thing?

And just let it be known, Im not makeup shaming in the least bit. Feel free to apply all the lipstick, contour and eye stuff your heart desires.

But just keep in mind youre not doing it for us. If he loves you when you feel youre at your worst, please believe its coming from a genuine place.

And its not some sinister plot to keep the world from seeing you in all your made up splendor, just so we can have you all to ourselves.

2. He starts arguments.

I use that word very loosely here. Sometimes, discussions he feels need to be had may turn into heated ones because you feel like they didnt need to happen in the first place.

You may think hes being extra when he brings up your friend whos always getting shitfaced at parties, therefore putting you in a potentially dicey situation. But in all reality, hed actually be remiss if he didnt say anything.

Hes not picking a fight; hes expressing rightful concern about something in the hopes you guys can come to an understanding that could potentially curb further conflicts down the line. I mean, you have no problem letting him know just how you feel every time he forgets to drop the damn toilet seat.

However, sometimes, its easy to think nothing is supposed to bother us as men or at the very least, that were supposed to act like it.

Many times, we keep things to ourselves that need to be expressed for the sake of preserving something we care about namely, our relationship.

3. He always entertains your fights.

The woman is always right or so they say. Sometimes, its easy for us as men to just throw our hands up and concede defeat in an argument.

As a matter of fact, conventional wisdom tells us this is the best course of action in order to avoid severe long-term headaches. Besides, when you actually decide to let her know how wrong she is, you become the bad guy. Welp.

Sometimes, as a man, you just have to be the villain. If he takes time to defend himself and maybe even (gasp) slightly raises his voice because hes emotionally invested in the situation he loves you.

Its not necessarily because he has some deep underlying issues.

4. He blows up your phone.

So you just ran out the door, and he doesnt know where you went.

Thats cool? No.

Yes, you might have just gone to your friends house to cool down, but putting your phone on silent while hes left to worry youre with some random guy is not cool.

Love can make anyone anxious. Those 20 missed calls dont mean hes crazy; they mean he wants to know youre OKand not finding solace in some slimebag in sheeps clothing.

Just pick up the phone.

5. Hes clingy.

I hate this word with a passion.

He always wants to be in your presence whenever he has free time. He chooses to hang out with you over the boys.

Im not sure why this is a problem, but apparently it is.

Now, there is such a thing as balance. So hopefully, he has other things going for him like a job, businesses or a hobby or two.

But if he wants to spend a great deal of time with you his GIRLFRIEND dont label him asclingy.

6. He gets jealous.

Jay Z once said jealousy is a female trait, but that couldnt be further from the truth. Jealousy is a HUMANtrait, and weve all been there.

How we choose to handle jealousy is what defines us. Quite frankly, if he doesnt get jealous at all, you need to be worried.

Hes not chill; hes more likely just not that into you.

Test him out. Flirt with the bartender the next time you guys go for drinks (or whatever it is that you do).

If you do this, there should be at least a slight air of jealousy from him, even if its something as small as a bad look or an extremely loud clearing of the throat.

The fact is, when we love someone, we want them all to ourselves. And its not just women who get like this.

There are ways to handle jealousy. So, if he goes all out or gets abusive after every single interaction you have with the male species, go ahead and call him crazy.

And also maybe call the cops.

But a little jealousy never hurt anyone. In fact, its quite normal.

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