6 Telltale Signs You Could Be More Stressed Than You Believe

Theres no denying it: Were all emphasized, whetherits work, school, upcoming vacations orrelationships.

Its time to take notice of the physical and emotional symptoms that come with stress, even if they are subtle.

Subtle Signs Youre Under More Stress Than You Realize

Here are 6 telltale signs you could be more emphasized than you think 😛 TAGEND

1. Poor posture or negative body language.

Stress has a physical component.

According to WebMD, 43 percent of adultsexperience physical symptoms caused by stress.

How we sit and stand becomes much more contained when were stressed.

If you notice youre hunching your shoulders, slouching or crossing your limbs, think about your posture.

Open up your body by standing tall, pushing your shoulders back and widening your spine.

Physically expanding your body helps counterstress. Power posing is one of the most powerful and efficient ways to better body language and increased confidence.

2. Shallow breathing.

When youre under too much stress, your breathing can become more shallow.

3. Language becomes shorter and sharper.

If you find yourebarking directions at people and snappily jumping to conclusions, check yourself.

Count to three in your head before you react. The time will give you a chance to formulate your best response.

4. Drinking, smoking and feeing unhealthy foods style more.

Stress can be managed in productive and healthy ways, or unproductive and unhealthy ways.

Drinking alcohol, smoking, feeing more sugar and white flour, watching more Tv, spend more period distracting yourself than engaging in things you really like these are all habits associated with numbing yourself, to some degree.

If you constantly require a drink at the end of your work day, you are emphasized. Take short breaks during your work day. Watch your health and notice your habits.

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5. Being most negative and aggressive toward people around you.

If you find yourself feeling negative about more people than usual and feeling the need to be aggressive, its time to check your stress levels.

6. Running out compulsively or not exercising at all.

According to Celebrity Fitness Trainer Jillian Michaels, one of the most serious workout habits is not knowing your limits, a phrase which translates into many aspects of life when someone is stressed.

And according to Psychology Today, the real reason why some people dont exerciseis to avoid any experience of inconvenience, which is partly understandable if yourestressed and drained, but also ironic because physical activity is proven to decrease stress levels and overall discomfort.

Its all about balance always. No overdoing it. No underdoing it.

Keep the balance in physical fitness and your overall wellness, and youll be on the right track to feeling better.

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