6 Impactful Things You Can Do Right Now To Help Women’s Rights

Well, its official: Donald Trump is our next president.

Its easy, today, for women to feel like wedont matter. The country we love so deeply has just elected someone who has proven time and time againthat he will not support or fight for us. In fact, he will do the opposite.

Its almost insulting that were expected tocontinue living our liveslike nothing catastrophichas justhappened to us.

Wereashamed, demoralized and devastated. Were at a loss for words, for rational thoughts and for our place in this country.

But, like Hillary Clinton said in hermoving concession speech this morning, we must do whatwe can toadvance the causes and values we hold dear.

We cant let a Trump victory control all the activism weve participated in and the discriminationwevefought against all of our lives.

There are still important, crucial things youcan do to help women right now. Here are 6 of them:

1. Allow space for emotions.

Acknowledge your feelings about this election.If youreangry,upset, confused, devastated, nauseous anything, letyourself process your emotions.

Take a walk. Go in the bathroom at work and cry. Stay home this weekend. Get drunk with your best friends. Vent to people who love you.

Have intense conversations about how frustratedyou are. Scream. Run.

Youneed to be heard today. And by giving yourselfa voice, you reinforce your value and importance as a citizen of this country something we all so badly need right now.

We fought hard, and this loss is undoubtedly heartbreaking. Dont deny yourself or anybody else, for that matter the right to feel.

2. Donate to Planned Parenthood, The Center for Reproductive Rights and The National Network of Abortion Funds.

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