50 Thoughts That Go Through A Girl’s Mind The Moment She Realizes The Guy She Likes Might Be A Jerk

1. Please dont be like the rest of them, please dont be like the rest of them.


3. But he is so sweet.

4. I thought I learned my lesson.

5. Maybe he is not a jerk, hes probably just having a bad day.

6. Did he just check out that girl?

7. Maybe he is a douche disguised as a charming person.

8. Should I run for the hills or should I give him the benefit of the doubt?


10. But he is so cute.

11. Maybe I should just walk.

12. Why is he talking about another girl?

13. Is he trying to make me jealous?

14. Am I a rebound?

15. No. No. He likes me.

16. Why cant he stop talking about himself?


18. I am done with them.

19. How do I tell him nicely I will not be an option?

20. Is it even worth telling him?

21. I wonder how many women he is talking to?

22. Should I ask?

23. I thought he was different.


25. Please prove me wrong, please.

26. Maybe its better to just be friends.

27. But I have enough friends.

28. Maybe I should ghost him before he ghosts me.

29. But I hate ghosting.

30. Maybe I should just tell him how I feel.

31. But that still wont change the fact that hes probably an a**hole.

32. Should I ask him if hes a jerk?

33. Or maybe I should just tell him he is.


35. I thought he was smart, why is he being dumb?

36. What if hes gay?

37. Should I ask him?

38. Too bad I really liked him though.

39. I need to stop falling for idiots.


41. But why is he texting me?

42. He even used emojis.

43. I wonder how many other girls he’s using emojis with?


45. Should I go all Taylor Swift in on him?

46.Who cares! I deserve better.

47. I dont have time for this.

48. I wasnt even that into him.

49.OK maybe I was, but Ill be fine.


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