5 Yoga Poses To Fix The Damage Your Desk Job Does To Your Body

Sitting over a laptop all day sucks, especially for your spine.

If your job requires you to stay in a chairall day, you’re probably familiar with thenegativeeffects it can have on your body.

Poor posture, neck strain, and a hunched back are just a few of thesymptoms you probablyexperience.

Back pain may be inevitable, but recovery is possible. Just take the time to stretch out.

1. Forward fold stretchings out your spine.

How to : Inhale your arms upward and fold your body forward, reaching your thumbs to the ground.Keeping your legs straight-out is not necessary, so bend your kneesuntil “youre feeling” comfortable. Benefits : Forward fold is an ultimate relaxer, helping out your digestive system while elongating your spine.

2. Downwarddog tones up your back muscles.

How to : From forward fold, walk your hands outward toward the end of your mat. Be sure to align your arms with your ears. Benefits : Downward dog can help soothe back ache whilestrengthening back muscles.

3. Modified cobra builds pain vanish.

How to : Starting on your stomach, press your arms towards the floor. Appearing upward, open your chest. Benefits : Cobra relieves lower back pain and strengthens abdominal muscles.

4. Bow pose loosens up yourneck.

How to : Stretch you arms back and comprehend the top of each foot.Lifting your legs back, use the forceto pullyour torso toward the ceiling. Benefits : Bow pose induces neck muscles and improves posture.

5. Sphinx pose takes a load off your lower back.

How to : Laying on your belly with arms forward, align your elbows with your shoulders. Stretch upward. Benefits : Sphinxeases lower back ache while lengthening the spine.

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