5 Weird Bodily Sensations You’ll Probably Experience During A Workout

Have you ever found yourself experiencing weird sensations all over your body during a workout?

Aside from the usual burn of an intense gym session, you can’t help but notice your thighs have started to itch, you’re not breathing normally, and you suddenly need to use the bathroom.

Worry no more, friends, because I’m here to explain all this weird sh*t your body’s up to when you’re out there making #gains.

Here are five weird, but totally normal sensations you’ve probably felt during a workout, and whythey happen.

1. Your Stomach Gets Cold

A lot of people wonder why their stomachs get cold after a workout.

Some people claim,that’s how you know you’re burning calories.

But here’s the real explanation.

Your stomach gets cold after a workout because, while you’re exercising, your cardiovascular system pulls blood to your legs, away from other organs, like your digestive system.

The reduced blood flow into the gastrointestinal system leaves your stomach with that weird, cold feeling.

So, no, that sensation doesn’t necessarily mean you’re burning calories. Your blood is just doing its thing, providing the necessary muscle groups with energy before your core.

2.You Have To Use The Bathroom

If you’ve ever gone running and suddenly felt like going to the bathroom was an actual emergency, you’re not alone.

Running forces waste to move through your digestive system faster.

The rhythmic and continuous bouncing of your body while you run causes colonic motility to increase (colonic motility refers to how often you move your bowels and the softness of said stool), which also happens as a result of a surging hormones in the lining of your stomach.

Running can alter mucosal permeability as well, which controls the passing of materials from inside the gastrointestinal tract to the rest of the body, thus causingyour stool to loosen.

3. You Keep Twitching

Have you ever lifted a heavy weight and noticedyour face is involuntarily twitching this way and that?

Honestly, that sh*tmakes me feel kinds ofweird.

Here’s why it happens: The electrolytes in your muscle fibers become imbalanced as they fatigue.

The solution? Drink water before and after your workout, as hydration helps to restore the electrolytes in your system.

4. Your Thighs Itch

Like, why, though?

It seems so unnecessary, right? But, everything happens for a reason, my friend.

Your legsmay be feeling itchy if the fabric of your workout gear is irritating your skin and depriving your skin of its much-need moisture.

Or, perhaps you’ve taken a break from your usual workout routine, and you’re justjumping back into it, and you’ve suddenly noticed rashes and welts popping up on your legs.

Coach Lora Erickson, owner of The Blonde Runner, told that this can be due to a change in capillaries’ action, often causing an itchy sensation. In severe cases, exercise-induced urticarial’ can occur, resulting in hives or raised welts’ during exercising.

5. Your Breathing May Feel Extra Labored

There’s an important difference between heavy breathing and labored breathing when it comes to working out.

Labored breathing can be a sign of exercise-induced asthma,also known as bronchoconstriction, which is a narrowing of the airways in the lungs triggered by strenuous exercise.

It causes shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, and other symptoms during or after exercise.

It’s nothing to freak out over, though. People with exercised-induced asthma usually carry asthma pumps during their workout session, just to help lighten the labored breathing a bit.

The human body is a weird, but beautiful thing, isn’t it?

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