5 Things You Need To Stop Overpaying For

Its not chic to talk about money if you have money, but its also very unbetchy to get ripped off. Youre so lucky you have us, because we did the research on things youre overpaying for. I know, were such a good friend. Like did you know that when you buy tampons you have to pay a luxury tax on top of regular sales tax? As in, using a tampon is like a luxury. Yes, we know were so blessed to not be pregnant every month, but calling tampons a luxury is a stretch. Anyways, heres the top five ways the fuckboys of big businesses are ripping you off. Just because you hate doing work doesnt mean you dont deserve to keep all the money you (didnt) work (that) hard for, so hang on to your cash and stop overpaying for shit.

1. Razors

Remember when Venus first came out and we were all singing the catchy song from the commercial? Those bright pink and blue razors were so pretty we didnt even notice that we were being charged more for razors than men. Literally, we are paying for pretty colorsthe nickname for it is the pink tax. Female razor costs a few dollars more than mens almost always, and the only difference is the way they are marketed. Even though they’re not as cute, most mens razors work better because theyre designed to get rid of bros’ hair and bros just have thicker hair. So even though it might feel like youre showering at a frat house, you should buy a mans razor and stop paying more for a shitty pink one.

2. Handbags

This one kills us too. Saving up for your first Kelly Bag was a rite of passage, like getting your period or dating your first older bro. But the truth is, even with the nicest leather and hand-stitching or whatever, youre still paying way too much for handbags. Just the idea of having to own dozens of bags because you cant wear the same one everyday is something that bros dont even have to worry about. They literally put their shit in pockets, which we could do if we werent so skinny that pockets dont work for us. But even though our figures are too tight for storing keys, wallet, phone on, we could potentially still own considerably less purses than we do. According to this bro blog, a genuine leather bag on the high end costs $100-$150. Which we laugh at because that wouldnt even buy a clutch at an accessible brand like ugh, Coach. Anyways, youre paying too much for bags. Like you could own several cars if you stopped buying bags. But youre not going to, obvs, and we totally understandjust maybe consider buying a few cheap ones.

3. Dry Cleaners

Your dry cleaner charges more for betches than bros. Like if you bring the exact same shirt to a dry cleaners but one is a female version and one is a male, the female one will cost twice or even three times more. Dry cleaning companies claim that its because the female shirts dont fit in their machines, but the truth is women will pay the higher price for clothing care and men wont. So to combat this institutional sexism, try having your boyfriend or dad drop off your dry cleaning and feign ignorance when they ask if it’s a women’s or men’s shirt. IDK, worth a try. This BS goes even deeper than cleaning clothes, though. Mens clothes are priced lower than womens in general. Plus we shop way more than men so were buying at least twice as much shit on a regular basis. Ugh, we feel used. At least female models make way more than male models, so we get a win there.

4. Travel

If youre a betch that procrastinates as most of us do, you probably end up paying more for your airline tickets because you book them closer to when you need them. If you really want to get a good deal on airline tickets, you need to set flight deal alerts on websites that do that, so someone tells you when the flight you want to your destination is lowest. Like, you can get round trip tickets from LA to New York for under $300 but you have to know when to look for them. You can also go to Europe for $500, but youll probably end up ordering your tickets on the wrong day of the week and pay twice as much. Theres no need to spend so much on traveling. Even if you have the money, you should be saving it for the trip itself.

5. Everything at Whole Foods

Whole Foods is basically a day club if you think about it. There might not be a doorman letting people in, but if youre not wearing the right clothes (aka like you just came from yoga or SoulCycle), youll still feel out of place. Bananas at Whole Foods cost an average of 99 cents a pound, while they cost 70-80 cents everywhere else.  Youre paying way too much for everything at Whole Foods. Like, a lot of the shit they have there is the same supplier as other grocery stores in the neighborhood.  If you want fresh fruit and vegetables, go to the farmers market. Actually, there is one thing Whole Foods has going for it, and thats the cheap La Croix you can buy there. You can get a pack of La Croix for $3 at Whole Foods. But other than La Croix and the possibility of running into your ex, there arent a lot of great reasons to keep getting your shit from there. 

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