5 reasons why you should not buy Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+

Samsungofficial announcementof the Galaxy S8 and S8+ Wednesday in New York City was met with immediate hype, and it’s already available for preorder. But before you consider locking down one of the new phones, here are five issues that you should seriously consider.( If you’re curious about the other side of the coin, you can see our accompanying listing of Galaxy S8 selling phases here .)

5 Samsung Galaxy S8 problems

1) The whole exploding battery thing

Were not going to tell you how to react to the fiasco surrounding Samsung in the last few months. Some people wont ever buy another phone from the company, while others will be more than happy to offer a second chance. Both reactions are completely understandable. But the fact remains: Samsung is the only major smartphone manufacturer to issue a mass recall on one of its devices for exploding batteries.


The general consensus( and my own sentiment) is that while Samsung may have been slow is responding to initial reports, it offered a satisfactory quantity of transparency and took the correct steps to mitigate the issue, despite the toll it may have taken on its brand.

Samsung has apologized and repeatedly claimed to have learned from its missteps, but the decision to grant the company a second chance is solely up to you.

2) Why do all my photos look like fingerprints?

Getting rid of the home button was a logical step toward stimulating the showing as compelling as it appears. But there is one strange, seemingly lazy, decision that stands out: The fingerprint sensor is right next to the camera.

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Anyone who has owned an LG smartphone in the past few years hasprobably had to wipe down the glass encompassing their camera lens a few cases periods. Thats because the camera was situated right above the rear power button and volume rockers. Samsung at least dedicates the fingerprint sensor its own place on the back of the device, but wed argue its in the wrong place.

Without getting analytical about natural thumb resting stances or the effects a fingerprint can have on a photo, wed like to make one simple suggestion: Keep the unlock button far away from the camera( insure Nexus 6p, Pixel ). Sure, you’ll probably learnt to position your thumb correctly, but you’ll also likely forget every now and then, and that could end up being exceedingly frustrating.

3) Must.Not.Drop.

There is no questioning the beauty of the Galaxy S8. Now consider whether the emotional toll( and price) of ensure it shatter is worth the cost of told beauty. Recollect when the iPhone 4 was released and everyone found out how easy it was for the glass to shatter? Then everyone started lugging around an Otterbox in fear of being the next victim? Well, weve somehow procured our style back to that dreaded epoch after a string of perfectly practical aluminum devices.

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Its hard for me to come up with a solution that keeps the beauty of the phone intact. Id ordinarily advise folks to protect theirnew telephones until they apply a glass screen protector to the front, but a quick search for “Galaxy S7 glass screen protector” on Amazon appears to show that a curved display can be problematic. Determining a decent one for the back of the device isnt precisely straightforward, either.

This leaves two options: Mar one of the most gorgeous telephones around with a instance, or cherish it as though it were a bubble you cant let pop.

4) Touchwiz is improved but still not pure Android

We know Samsung is bringing a few OEM-specific treats to the table, like Bixby and got a couple of in-house apps. But the entire Galaxy S8 proclamation was amazingly devoid of the word Touchwiz. For those who arent familiar with the mostly dreaded word, Touchwiz is the custom scalp Samsung puts on top of the perfectly functional Android operating system.

Could it be that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ run on stock Nougat? Of course not.

Samsung will be bringing its own UI to its new smartphones. It appears to be a serious improvement over earlier editions of Touchwiz from what we can see in screenshots. The reasonably harmless Edge panel is now a permanent fixture, while Secure Folder, Game Launcher, and Samsung Pay all make a return.

Who knows, maybe Samsungs new interface is even an improvement over what youd determine on the Google Pixel. Just don’t hold yourbreath.

5) The competitor is heating up

The Google Pixel and iPhone 7 Plus are still excellent devices, while LG with its G6 is more competitive than ever. HTC may have just launched a dud with its U Ultra, but it still has the tentatively named HTC 11 to look forward to. Chinese companies are offering devices that perform well past their price tag, and then there is the upcoming iPhone everyone is talking about. The phase is, smartphones are in a really great place, and the Galaxy S8 isn’t the only device to choose from.



There are excellent options for those who don’t want to spend almost a grand for their deviceor perhaps require something they can toss around without fret. Samsung made a obligating argument Wednesday, but it’s one that won’t match every case.

Don’t write off Samsung just yet: Here are five reasons why you should buy the S8 .

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