27 Things Women Need To Know About Men( But Don’t)

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1. Every so often, we would like to be told were attractive.

Even for those of us who are reasonably conventionally attractive, there’s a pretty strong opportunity that nobody has sincerely us we are attractive for long periods of our lives. Get hit on is one thing, but getting sincerely and directly told you are an attractive person? For lots of us it literally doesn’t happen, at all- or it happens so rarely that it can be hard for us to trust.

2. We’d all love to get asked out every once in a while.

We’d all love to get asked out every once in a while.

3. We like compliments, too.

Women like compliments. So do men. Just as much. In fact, we’re so used to not hearing them it’ll most likely take us a moment to register what happened. But it will brighten our day.This concept of men chase, women receive, is an old paradigm that needs to be tossed out the window. Should be everyone chase everyone.

4. We want you to start the conversation sometimes.

Sometimes you should start the conversation. It’s not all on us to pick up your little cues that make sense only to you half the time.

5. Weve been conditioned to be ashamed of depicting weakness.

We aren’t walls of stone. We’ve just been conditioned to be ashamed of indicating weakness. I’ve seen females ask men to open up and then not know what to do when it happens.

6. We cant always be the strong one.

Sometimes being the boulder in the relationship is slowly tiring us out.

7. We would rather fix your problem than listen about it.

If you come to us with something bothering you, our first reaction is to try and fix whatever that is so you feel better and we get phases for building you feel better. It’s taken me a long time to figure out you girls don’t always want it fixed, you just need to tell someone what’s bothering you.

8. We have feelings, too.

We have emotions, too.

9. Sometimes we like to be alone, and it has nothing to do with you.

Having alone time has nothing to do with our impressions towards you. Sometimes we just like to go one entire day with zero things on our mind.

10. Sometimes we just like to be quiet.

Sometimes we just like to be quiet. Nothing incorrect just because we’re not smiling, we really just like to chill.

11. We like to snuggle.

Most guys like to snuggle.

12. If you fake an orgasm, it wont construct us better lovers.

If you fake an orgasm, it builds us think you had an orgasm. this builds it hard for us to improve and give you an actual orgasm. you’re only hurting yourself when you fake it.

13. We can be insecure, too.

We can be insecure too, that’s not just female exclusive thing.

14. We’re not always thinking of sex.

We’re not always thinking of sexuality. In fact, sometimes we’re not in the mood for it.

15. Not replying to messages/ text hurts us, too.

Not replying to messages/ texts hurts us, too; fair enough if you haven’t looked at it or have been busy, looking at it and deciding not to reply sucks. Also we don’t get subtle hints too well.

16. Sometimes we like to be the little spoon.

Sometimes we like to be the little spoon.

17. We cant read your mind.

We’re not dumb. We’re reasonable and not mind-readers.

18. Sometimes were really thinking of nothing.

When you ask us what we’re thinking about and we say nothing, we entail it. Sometimes there really is nothing going on in our heads.

19. We dont need to talk about our day at work or school.

When I get home, go outside and beat the shit out of my punch bag for 5, 10, 15, hell sometimes 30 minutes, I come back inside with slightly bloody knuckles with a giant smile on my face and seem perfectly happy, I am. I don’t need to talk about my day at work or school because i just told the bag exactly how I felt. So for the love of god don’t ask me about it for at least a week because otherwise I will get pissed again and knuckles hurt after a while.

20. You need to get lower when devoting a BJ.

A NSFW tip: Get lower when giving a BJ. If you have your guy standing up, and you’re on your knees, get yourself a bit lower than you instinctively would. Pull his dick down to your mouth. If you do this, you’re looking up at him, and that’s super fucking hot. Watch any POV porn superstar blow chore. Their head isn’t facing down with their eyes straining to look up, “they il be” positioned so that they can look up more naturally. Plainly, we appreciate it however you do it. So do what you want. But even doing this for a brief while during a blow chore will do a lot for the visuals. Also, if you’re both into facials, this is the way to do it.

21. Some of us are OK with your small boob or small butt.

Some of us are OK with your small boobs or small butt. Don’t sweat over it, you’ll find a guy who loves your itty bitty A beaker. And if you have a meh butt, you’ll find a guy who will love your meh butt.

22. Withholding sexuality is the surest style to push us away.

Withholding sex is the surest route to put one of our feet out of the door. We can look over a lot. You can have a third eye, or a hairy back, hell you can turn out to be a man, but withholding sexuality, even if the reasons feel good to you, will never end well.

23. Gender equality also entails strolling up to us and inviting us to dinner.

Gender equality also means strolling up to us and inviting us to dinner. Its incorrect for a guy to think that if you invite a girl for an expensive dinner she’ll have to sleep with you after. it’s also incorrect for a girl to expect to be invited to a nice dinner because’ that’s how it works’.

24. Dont ever call us useless or a bad provider.

If you care for your man but for some reason are angry at him. You can call him many things like fat, ugly, stubborn, etc. But please, never call him useles, or a bad provider. That will truly and deeply hurt him. We as guys( most of us) feel validated by knowing we can resolve situations, provide to our loved ones, and be handy whenever is needed.

25. Dont argue with us if we compliment you; merely accept the compliment.

If I give you a compliment or tell you that I think you are beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, fantastic, stunning etc. Don’t argue with me! This is my opinion of you. I wouldn’t tell you that if I didn’t mean it!

26. We cant bitch away problems like you can.

We can’t bitch away problems. Talking to the manager only gets us a answer of” I’m sorry you feel that route sir, is there anything else I can help you with ?” The latest example I can think of was get power on in my last apartment and a co-worker and her mother maintained repeating, over and over, to call and demand they do it NOW! I tried to explain it’s the weekend, they can’t send anyone out till Monday, there is a priority schedule they go by etc. They would not. let. up. If you are a woman and are in distress, society is conditioned to help you. If you are a man in distress, you are seen as whiny and useless, kwitcherbitchin’.

27. We are straightforward; we can also move our dicks slightly on command.

We can move our dicks slightly on command…That’s about all you probably don’t know, guys are straightforward , not like the complex emotional nexus known as the human female.

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