24 People Share The One Thing They Wish The ENFJs In Their Lives Understood

1. “You have so much love for the world. Thank you for that.” INTP

2. “Other people’s mistakes are not your fault. No one can take care of people the way you can, but if other people are mean or don’t enjoy themselves, that’s their fault, not yours.” ENTP

3. “You have so much love, but you can be a little overly-demonstrative with it for us introverts. Please respect my personal bubble.” INFJ

4. “Stop letting other people make you feel guilty. People manipulate you through guilt, and I wish you could see through that. Stop denying your feelings because your afraid to face the truth. You’ll be happier if you could focus on yourself for once instead of others. You are AWESOME.” ENTP

5. “You and me are two peas in a pod. To know and be known- that is love. Thank you for cheerleading me on, for investigating my heart, for finding the good in everything. Nobody could ask for a better friend than you.” INFP

6. “Not everyone is as vulnerable to you as you think. Please stop thinking you know more about others than they know about themselves.” INTP

7. “Thank you for mothering me. Even if I seem like I know what I’m doing, a good lecture from you keeps me grounded in reality on the things that really matter in life.” ENTJ

8. “Please be more real around me! Sometimes it seems like youre just being who you think everyone else wants you to be.” ENFP

9. “You worry too much about people. I’m actually really quite qualified to solve the issues that come my way.” INTJ

10. “Thanks for being so easy to joke with and being there when you know you’re needed. You’re all so sweet and goofy. But don’t worry, you look great. I’m impressed by how well you perform in an environment.” ESTP

11. “I actually don’t like it when you interrogate me with my personal life. Thats my job.” ENFJ

12. “We love you, but your motherly instincts can be suffocating to some of the more perceptive types. I know it’s well intention-ed, but not everyone wants to be told what the safest, most rational option is all the time. Sometimes its best to love some of the freer types at a bit more of a distance.” ENFP

13. “Thanks for motivating me to be my best self. But sometimes I don’t have the energy to keep up with you.” ISFJ

14. “Sometimes you guys annoy the hell out of me with all your questions about my heart and soul. You try to understand me, but the more you probe like that, the more I want to push away. You need thicker skin. And somehow I still love yet beyond words. Without you, I wouldn’t have much faith in the human race’s capacity for goodness. Sorry for the mixed message there.” ISTP

15. “You can’t inspire the inspired.” INFP

16. “Please understand that I’m not competing with you. We both may be good at reading other people, but I am more interested in understanding how the world works than caring for the people in the way you are. I think we are a powerful combination when it comes to reading the emotional vibes of a room.” INFJ

17. “Please don’t plan out all of my free and unscheduled moments for me and back me into a corner to hang out with you.” ISTJ

18. “Keep inspiring, but don’t forget that you dont need to do everything.” ENTP

19. “You guys can be really hard on themselves, more than probably anyone understands. Just know that Fe is one of the bravest cognitive functions you can have and it is so necessary in society. You contribute more than you know.” ENFP

20. “I’m never going to be organized. I made my peace with that so I hope that you can, too.” INFP

21. “You sometimes just need to give people more time to fix themselves. It is okay that everything is not always exactly as it should be.” ENFP

22. “Yes, this is fun. No, I’m not going to share your 10 year life plan with you. I gotta vibe and flow, baby.” ENFP

23. “Criticism is a good thing. Learn how to receive it and embrace it. Do not take it as a personal attack but that a person cares enough about you and your growth to challenge you. Don’t get frustrated or defensive.” ENTP

24. “Slow down, breathe, stop planning, and dont comment on the beauty of slowing down, breathing and not planning. Just live quietly in this moment. You dont have to always be brave and joyful and shoulder everyones problems. You are a universe in yourself, and I think sometimes you lose that trying to care for other people.” INFJ

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