21 Rarely-Seen Photos of Kim Kardashian Before She Hit the Big Time

1) She uploaded this picture of herself at age 14 to her blog to “squash” plastic surgery rumors.

Whether you love her or you hate her, Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous faces on the planet. But that face looked a little bit different before it was plastered all over the media. Every. Single. Day.

2) Posted on Instagram, 4-year-old Kim enjoyed a piece of cake.
3) Even the Kardashians werent immune from taking part in a traditional photo shoot.
4) A 14- or 15-year-old Kim with her childhood best friend, Nikki Lund, who released most of these photos.
5) Before she was a soccer mom, she was a soccer player.
6) Even reality stars had to pay their dues with some braces.
7) Photo booths and bangs. It must have been the ’80s.
8) This is probably a selfie that she would rather forget.
9) Friend Nikki Lund told British newspaper The Mirror that Kim was always the quiet girl sitting in the corner.
10) Showing off the flip phones at Nicole Richie’s birthday party in 1997.
11) Keeping it real, yo.
12) This 90s flashback, shared by Kim on Instagram in 2014, features the then 13-year-old with Nicole Richie.
13) According to Kim on Instagram, ice skating was her “thing.”
14) Kim and older sister Kourtney before designer labels replaced poodle skirts and homemade sweaters.
15) Here’s she’s starting to look a little bit more familiar…
16) Kim and her sisters Khlo and Kourtney and more jewelry than should be allowed to be worn by three women at the same time.
17) Hanging out with Paris and Nicky Hilton at an Entourage after party in 2006.
18) Making an entrance at the 2006 Rock & Republic Spring Collection Party in Hollywood.
19) Before there was Kanye, there was her, ahem, “video co-star” boyfriend Ray J.
20) Just two reality stars in 2006 at the international launch of Dom Perignon Rose Vintage 1996 Champagne by Karl Lagerfeld in Beverly Hills.
21) Here in 2006, she looks well on her way to becoming the Kim that everyone knows today.
And whether you like it or not, you’re now caught up with this Kardashian.

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