21 Guys Confess Their ‘Girliest’ Habit

Found on AskReddit.


I buy scented candles and light them regularly. I love it.


I coat my face with Olay face cream twice a day. Have been for years. I’m 51 and not a wrinkle. Someone at work last night told me that I look like I’m still in my thirties.


Bubble baths. Especially with those dope-ass bath bombs from Lush. I’m a big ass hairy biker dude with a beard that makes babies cry.


I do that thing how girls cross their legs instead of doing it the man way which is uncomfortable.


Big manly metalworker here: I like to knit and crochet. Fuck you, beanies and scarves are awesome.


I like to color pictures of butterflies and animals with glitter pens at work. It’s a call center, there isn’t much else to do and everything is flat office colors.


Im a pretty big guy enlisted in the military who moonlights as a cage fighter. I read fan fiction constantly. . Right now, I’m loving alternate endings to fan fics. I love that hipster bullshit.


I go every couple of months to get a pedi, mani and my eye brows waxed. I used to get bad ingrown nails on my toes and fingers but after starting to do that every couple of months I haven’t had to deal with any of the pain. No, I don’t have a uni-brow, I just like how my face looks when my eyebrows are done.


I watch once or twice a month, by myself, and sing all the songs. I love that movie.


Baby talk with my dog. I love my little wittle monkey-wunkie. Yes I do. Yes I do. If I saw this being done by others in public I would be filled with contempt.


I sometimes cry during the happy endings of…Disney movies.


Im a pretty stereotypically manly 6’5″ bearded straight guy. I get pedicures with my mom whenever I’m in town.


I love a good sit-down pee. I’m fucking tired. I don’t want to stand.


Im a big manly man who loves football and pussy…and chick flicks. If , or is on, I’m fucking there. My wife walked in the living room the other night and was like, ‘Ugh, do we have to watch again?’ Yes. Yes we do.


I love musicals, so from time to time when I’m alone I recreate my own made up musical with songs I like. I sing, act and dance every song and scene. Some times I spend more than 2 hours doing this.


“I get frappuccinos from Starbucks. Yes, I’m aware it’s a milkshake. I’m also aware that it’s fucking delicious.”


“I consider myself a manly person…I have a beard, I build my own shit, and I don’t back down from any fight…but I cant sleep without a cuddle pillow or being the little spoon.”


“Eat a whole thing of ice cream in one sitting when I’m feeling down.”


I wear an apron when I bake.


I eat a shit-ton of steak and I lift weights 6 days a week. I also pluck my eyebrows.


Gossip to girls in the office about other girls in the office.

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