#2020Vision: Biden’s big autumn; Sanders results SEIU campaign; Ryan says ‘maybe the country needs’ him

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President Donald Trump rolled out an Afghanistan strategy Monday night that looked eerily like what Biden advocated unsuccessfully in the early days of former President Barack Obama’s administration: A heavy focus on Pakistan; no nation-building endeavours; an emphasis on training the Afghan army and a precise, surgical focus on eliminating terrorists.

On Thursday, Biden unveiled the title — “Promise Me, Dad” — and a little bit about his volume due out November 14. It’ll be heavily focused on his son, Beau Biden, who died in 2015. The former vice president told People: “Honor, responsibility, responsibility: the values that Beau held dear are the things that continue to inspire us as a family every day. I wanted to share that. And in sharing it, I hope I can help others who have suffered what we’ve suffered to find hope, solace and purpose.”