1m Parc Farm on Great Orme up for 1 annual rent – BBC News

Image copyright The National Trust

A 1m farm are provided to rent for 1 a year providing the tenant is prepared to look after it and its “fragile” landscape – and a lot of sheep.

The National Trust is offering the keys to Parc Farm on the top of Great Orme, near Llandudno, Conwy county.

Last year, the trust stepped in to protect the land and now hopes someone can help it to recover.

It has rare habitats and species – some of which the charity said exists nowhere else on Earth.

Image copyright The National Trust

The special needs of the coastal headland require a nature-first approach which may go against the grain of some modern farming methods, the trust added.

“Unless we implement a very concrete grazing regime we will not find these most fragile habitats retrieve, ” said general manager William Greenwood.

“Put simply, to ensure a healthy and beautiful landscape we need the most agriculturally productive pastureland to be grazed less, and the least agriculturally productive grassland to be grazed more.”

Image copyright The National Trust

This unconventional farming method of regularly moving sheep means long hours shepherding on often difficult terrain, while also working around the 600,000 visitors to the Great Orme each year.

Mr Greenwood added: “For the benefit of the Orme we’re looking for a tenant who find a productive farm as one which maintains healthy wildlife and encourages visitors to act for nature, as well as make good, healthy food.

“And to give him or her a head start and the best chance of success, we’re taking away the financial pressure of having to cover the rent for the farm, the grazing rights and the farmhouse each year.”

It is hoped a new renter will be in place by September.

Image copyright The National Trust

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