10 Awesome Benefits Of Morning Sex

2. Youre both well-rested.

Even though most people tend to have sex at night, thats when youre most likely to be worn out, half-awake, and agitated from a long and stressful day. But instead youve been dreaming all night, which is what makes morning sex sodreamy.

3. Because hes readyalready!

Nearly all healthy men wake up with morning wood, that involuntary erection thats as hard as ivory and ready to hit all your sweet spots. And mens bodies reach peak testosterone around 4-6AM daily, so not only will he be physically ready, hell be more than willing.

4. The twilight is so beautiful, its like a narcotic.

The golden hour comes but once a dayright around sunrise, and right around sunset. Youre right there between the darkness and the light, between dreamland and the harsh realities that await you in the morning. Plus, everyone looks a little better under dim lighting.

5. Itll make you feel like an animalin the good way.

The best thing about morning sex is that unlike most other kinds of sex, it doesnt have to be planned. You can wake up and without saying a word you can just lie back and let nature have its way. Just turn off your higher cognitive functions and follow your primal instincts. Youre only half-awake, so your inhibitions are already lower.

6. Its a better pick-me-up than coffee.

Coffee gives you caffeine, and all that does is give you a brief rush of energy and then a crashand possibly even a headache. Sex releases a gorgeous cocktail of chemicals that fight off infection, increases oxygen to your brain, and floods your bloodstream with feel-good happy chemicals such as oxytocin, dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin.

7. Its the best possible start to your dayand it will show.

That just been fucked look will have you smiling and glowing like an angel as you walk into the office and wonder why all the other sourpusses are so crabby.

8. Its a workout.

No need to hit the gym or the yoga studio, because youve already burned a couple hundred calories, released stress, worked your muscles, broken a sweat, and are ready for the shower.

9. It saves shower time.

Instead tapping your toes and waiting for your partner to get done in the bathroom before you can feel the first warm wet blast from that shower nozzle, you both tumble into the shower together, laughing and happy and soaping each other.

10. Its raw and messy.

Unlike a night on the town that leads to sex, youre not all showered and primped and made up and completely antiseptic. This also means that your bodies will be absolutely throbbing with sexy pheromones. But if the only thing thats keeping you away from having morning sex is apprehension about having to pee oreven worsehaving morning breath, then pee and brush your teeth before you go to bed. Keep some mints and condoms near your bed.

Now you have no excuse to keep avoiding the ultimate form of breakfast in bed. So go ahead and hit that ass instead of hitting that snooze button!

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